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North Queensland Cowboys

1998 North Queensland Cowboys

BACK ROW: John Doyle, Luke Scott, Ray Mercy, Kyle Warren, Mark Shipway, Kris Tassell, Martin Locke, Peter Jones, Josh Hannay, Jimmy Ahmat, Noa Nadruku, Jason Ferris
SECOND ROW: Mark Graham (Assistant Coach), Tim Sheens (Head Coach), John Buttigieg, Glen Murphy, Paul Bowman, Dale Fritz, Dale Shearer, Greg Gibson (Physiotherapist), Murray Hurst (Asst Coach), Donna O'Connor (Strength & Conditioning Co-ordinator)
FRONT ROW: Adrian Thompson (Centre Manager), Scott Prince, Jason Death, Johnny Lomax, Ian Roberts (Captain), Steve Walters, Andrew Dunnemann, Owen Cunningham, Bryan Hider  (Head Trainer)

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