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Tipping Comp Rules

Your Sports Tipping Headquarters Online


"Horwitz Publications Tipping Competition"

NRL 2001 Tipping Competition


Points Allocation

Tipping Option: Straight tipping
  Correct Tip

Incorrect Tip

Match Drawn
(but not tipped)
Tip a Draw
Regular Season: 1 0 0.5 2






State of Origin:






All Correct Bonus: 1 Bonus points to be added if competitor has a perfect score for the round.
Hide Ladder After Round: Don't Hide Stops competitors from viewing tipping competition ladder after nominated round.
Non Submission: Average Calculation of points for competitors who fail to submit their tips by the weekly cut-off time. For example, "lowest" and an adjustment of -1 will give the non-submitter the lowest score for the round minus one point.
Adjustment: -1
Late Start: Average Allocation of points for competitors who start later than Round 1. For example, "Average" and an Adjustment of 2 will give the user the average of all other Tipsters' current total score ( rounded down to nearest point ) plus two points.
Adjustment: -1

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This year the competition shall again be conducted at All fixtures, selections and results will be communicated via this site. This conserves paper and reduces the likelihood of lost or fraudulent entries. In addition, you will not have to deposit your entries into a box, you can do it from your desk!

Competition Period

The competition will comprise of the 26 Minor Premiership rounds from Round 1 (February 17/18) through to Round 26 (August 31/September 1/2), plus the Finals Series culminating with the Grand Final on September 30. The competition will not cover any representative matches.

Closing Time for selections

Selections must be submitted before the first match of the round commences (usually Friday 7:30pm).

Prize Pool

Each week $10 will be added to the Perfect Round Jackpot. To win the jackpot you must be the sole competitor to score a perfect round. This innovation is designed to keep all participants interested in the competition right through to the end of the competition. After Round 26, any remaining money will be added to the major prize pool and distributed as follows:

1st place receives (40% of the prize pool)
2nd place receives (30% of the prize pool)
3rd place receives (20% of the prize pool)
4th place receives (10% of the prize pool)
There is no prize for coming last.

Results and standings

Results and standings plus details of the next weekend's fixtures will be available at after the completion of the current weekend's matches (usually on Monday).

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