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Corey Hughes

Although his older brothers are known as the Dodgy brothers, Corey for some reason gets called 'Smack', maybe because that's what little brothers are there for.  Quiet, but opens up with a few beers in him.  Never backs down on a field.   Talks and directs the play with confidence.

Date of birth: 17 February 1978
Place: King George V, Sydney
1st season at club: 1998
1st Grade games for 'Dogs: 30
Total games for 'Dogs: 66
Semi Finals: 4
Grand Finals: 0
Preferred position: Halfback
Has also played: Five-eighth
Height: 177cm Weight: 87kg
Married: no
High School attended: St Christophers' Panania
1997 1997 NSW U19s (SL) captain
Corey Hughes - 1998 Action Shot
Photo courtesy of Big League magazine
Corey Hughes - 1998 Action Shot
Photography Action Photographics
Corey Hughes - 1999 Portrait

Photo from the Bulldogs Backyard

Corey Hughes - 1999 Action Shot
Photo courtesy of Rugby League Week
Corey Hughes 2000 Portrait
Photo from the Bulldogs Backyard
Top footballing memory: '98 grand final
Place of birth: Sydney
Junior Club: St Christophers' Panania
1st position played in RL: front row
Previous club: none
Favourite past Bulldog: Geoff Robinson
Person in the world I'd most like to crash tackle: Jason Taylor
2 players I'd like to help me do it: Jason Hetherington & Ruben Wiki
All-time Aussie sports legend: Joe Bugner
Best sporting event attended: 1997 grand final
My favourite way to spend a day off is: having a bet
The household chore I do most is: sleep
The last person I asked for an autograph was: Miss Nude Australia
The person who makes me laugh most is: Peter Whalen (The Rat)
If I made a movie with a cartoon character it'd be: Yosemite Sam
The thing I waste most money on is: horse racing
If I could have a product named after me I'd like it to be: condoms
If I could have lessons in anything I'd choose: golf
The computer game I play best is: roulette
My favourite golfer is: Vee Jay Singh
My favourite cricketer is: David Boon
My favourite basketballer is: Michele Timms
Dog?: no

from "Snapshot", Rugby League Week, Vol.30, No.7 March 24, 1999

Family: Dad, Garry; mum, Dawn; brothers, Glenn & Steven and sister Brooke
Which of your elder brothers has given you the best advice about your football? I couldn't choose because they have both been a big help.  Before last year's grand final Glenn impressed on me the importance of playing my natural game, and that was a big help.
When you were growing up, which of your opponents did you think would become the biggest star? I came up against Craig Gower in the Harold Matthews Shield when I was 15, and it was obvious then that he was going to be a great player.
Was there ever a chance that you would not play for the Bulldogs? No, I was fenced in a bit there.  But I never wanted to play for any other club.
What was your initial reaction when you were told Canterbury had signed Ricky Stuart? At first I was pretty dirty.  I heard on TV one night that he was either going to sign with Manly or us, and I secretly hoped it would be Manly.  But Ricky has been fantastic since he arrived, and I now realise that his coming here has been a bonus for me.
If you were given tickets to see just one event at the Sydney Olympics next year, which one would you choose? The men's 100 metre final, but I'd like to stay for the women's as well.
Who are your best mates? I have three, Dean Benjamin (Sloppy), John Tait (Taity) and Stuart Stokes (Ankles).  I reckon its important to have mates away from football, and these guys are my punting and drinking pals.
At what stage of last year's grand final did you realise the Bulldogs could not win? I'm an optimist, so I'll say when Darren Smith scored his try with about 4 minutes to go.  At least we had the satisfaction of knowing he was going to be with us this year.
Name your five favourite things? Drinking, punting, golf, females and spaghetti, in that order.
Where do you intend to spend New Year's Eve, 1999? At Byron Bay.  I went up there at the end of last year with about 30 others, and its an awesome place.
What current TV show best reflects your sense of humour? The Simpsons
Which part of your game would your dad say needs the most improvement? He'd say my defence, and I would have to agree.   Attack is something that comes naturally to me, and I'm working hard on my tackling.
What is your favourite pig-out meal? Chicken schnitzel and spaghetti, from No Names Restaurant
If you were on a 24-hour flight to London, who would be an ideal companion? Pamela Anderson.  It would be comforting to have a couple of spare air bags just in case we crashed
When you started reading Rugby League Week, what did you read first? Anything about Canterbury

Dog data
App. Int. Tries Goals Fld Gls Points Ave. Hit-Ups Ave. Tackles Ave. Metres Eff. Tackles Line Breaks Offloads
2001 2 0 1 0 0 4 - - - - - -
2000 10 1 2 0 0 8 7.55 13.55 44 80.98% 2 8
1999 13 2 3 0 0 12
1998 11 4 3 0 1 13
Career (1998-2000) 34 7 8 0 1 33

Photos & Text from the Official Bulldogs website

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