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Mitch Newton

Senior prop forward who played his 10th season for the Bulldogs in 97.  Surprisingly mobile for a big man he's a dangerous runner who can stand and unload in tackles.  Defensively a genuine workhorse who puts starch and experience up front.  Hopes to resume police career on retirement.

Date of birth: 26 Jun 1966
Place: Sydney
1st season at club: 1988
1st Grade games for 'Dogs: 97
Total games for 'Dogs: 206
Preferred position: Front row
Has also played:
Height: 194cm Weight: 108kg
Married: yes Partner's name: Julie
High School attended: Patrician Bros Fairfield
Interests away from football: Golf
1987 1987 Parramatta U23s Front row Bob O'Reilly
Mitch Newton 1997 Portrait
Photo from the Bulldogs Backyard
Mitch Newton 1997 Action Shot
Photo from Canterbury Bulldogs Supporters Site
Mitch Newton - 1998 Portrait
Photo from the Bulldogs Backyard
Position played in very first team: Front row
Top footballing moment: 1995 Grand final
What I enjoy most in a game: Winning
Favourite past Bulldogs player: Terry Lamb
Fave Oz sports star (besides Greg Norman): Milo Kerrigan
Sporting event I would most like to attend: Superbowl
TV/movie character most like me: Milo Kerrigan
If I set myself for the Olympics my sport would be: Athletics
I have a dog I can be photographed with: Jake the Rottweiler
Favourite toy: Moped
Favourite Spice Girl: Old Spice

Dog data
App Int Trs Gls FGs Pts
1999 - - - - - -
1998 3 6 - - - 0
1997 12 6 - - - 0
1996 12 8 - - - 0
1995 12 11 2 - - 8
1994 - 5 - - - 0

Photos & Text from the Official Bulldogs website

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