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About Me

More than you wanted to know about misterfixit
Date of birth: April 21, 1965
Place: Sydney, Australia
Canterbury Bulldogs fan since: 1974
Bulldogs Games attended: no idea, I've lost count
Total Bulldogs games: as above plus some
Preferred position: Grandstand,halfway,up high.
Has also viewed: from the hill
Height: 181cm Weight: 75kg
Tom & Owen
Tom (left) & Owen (right)
PERSONAL DETAILS "misterfixit"
Married: not yet ;)
High School attended: Belmore Boys High School
Interests away from football: movies, theatre, dining out, travelling interstate and overseas
1983 New Zealand
1984 Surfers Paradise, Queensland
1985 Adelaide, South Australia
1986 Adelaide, South Australia
1991 Hong Kong, Macau, China
1994 Far North Qld (including Cairns & Townsville)
1996 Byron Bay, New South Wales
1999 Melbourne, Victoria
1999 Canberra, ACT
1999 Lakes Entrance, Victoria
1999 Auckland, New Zealand
1999 Lakes Entrance, Victoria
1999 Lakes Entrance, Victoria
1999 Lakes Entrance, Victoria
2000 Canberra, ACT
2000 Melbourne, Victoria
2000 Newcastle, NSW
misterfixit & friends
misterfixit (centre) & friends
Charlie, Tom & Owen (SFS 2000)
Charlie, Tom & Owen (SFS 2000)
Position in very first match: sitting on the hill at Belmore
Top footballing moment: 1995 Grand final
What I enjoy most in a game: A Bulldogs victory of course! What kind of question is that?
Favourite past Bulldogs player: Steve Mortimer or Terry Lamb (can't decide)
Fave Oz sports star (besides Greg Norman): Who says I would have picked Greg Norman?
Sporting event I would most like to attend: Superbowl, Formula 1 Grand Prix
TV/movie character most like me: I'll get back to you on that one
If I set myself for the Olympics my sport would be: archery or shooting
(minimum physical exertion needed LOL)
I have a dog I can be photographed with: nope
Favourite toy: computer
Favourite Spice Girl: Ginger (for leaving the band)
Family: Dad, John; mum, Violet; sister, Julie (b1964): brother, Joseph (b1967).
Favourite drink: Gin and Tonic, Corona (with lime)
Favourite movies: Forest Gump, Terminator 2, Monty Python's Life of Brian, Star Trek: First Contact
Favourite performers: Shania Twain, Trisha Yearwood, Garth Brooks
Favourite all-time song: "Imagine" by John Lennon
What is your greatest claim to fame? Being the stage crew for Chrissy Lane (Miss Nude World and Penthouse Pet of the Year
Do you recall the first grand final you ever saw? The 1974 decider between Eastern Suburbs Roosters and Canterbury Bankstown Berries
What past State of Origin match do you best remember? Match one 1994 at the Sydney Football Stadium, Queensland snatch victory in the final minute.
In which game from the past would you most liked to have played? The 1997 Super League Tri-Series Final, NSW defeats Queensland in sudden death. 1998 Grand Final Qualifier, Canterbury defeats Parramatta in extra time after being 16 points down with 11 minutes to go.
What about another sporting event? Cricket World Cup Final.
What would your team-mates say is your worst trait? I'm too modest.
If Canterbury became extinct tomorrow, with which club would you like to play? The day that happens will be the end of civilization as we know it.
If you could have been part of one major sporting event from history, which one would that have been? The 1995 ARL semi-final series vs St George, Brisbane, Canberra and Manly.
If you could swap places with another sportsman for one week, who would you choose? Solomon Haumono.
What do you consider to be Australia's greatest sporting achievement in your memory? America's Cup 1983.
What is the most embarrassing nickname you have ever had? Like I'd tell you! LMAO.
If you had to wear one item of clothing from your current wardrobe for the rest of your life, what would you choose? My Canterbury Bulldogs jersey.
What would be your ideal holiday? on tour with the Australian cricket team in the West Indies
Who would you like to sit next to on a plane for 20 hours? Jerry Seinfeld, Drew Carey & Eddie Murphy

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