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Rod Silva

A brilliant and unpredictable attacking player Rod can beat a defence from a standing start.  Capable of scoring a length of the field try at a moment's notice.  When playing with confidence, is a match-winner.  Came to Belmore from Sydney City in 95.

Date of birth: 10 December 1967
Place: Sydney, NSW
1st season at club: 1995
1st Grade games for 'Dogs: 89
Total games for 'Dogs: 110
Finals Games: 10 (8W, 2L)
Grand Finals: 2 (1W, 1L)
Preferred position: Inside Centre
Has also played: Fullback
Height: 183cm Weight: 84kg
Married: wife Deb
Kids: daughters, Marlee & Keely
High School attended: Shalvey Institue of Technology
Interests away from football: Wife and two daughters
1988 1995 Sydney City Fullback & Wing
1988 1988 NSW U21s Fullback Jack Gibson
1989 1989 City 1sts Fullback John Peard
1993 1993 City 1sts Fullback Ron Hilditch
Position played in very first team: Front row
Top footballing moment: 1995 Grand Final, being graded in 1988
What I enjoy most in a game: Playing
Favourite past Bulldogs player: Geoff Robinson, Matthew Ryan
Fave Oz sports star (besides Greg Norman): Steve Waugh "the champion"
Sporting event I would most like to attend: NBA finals, USA
TV/movie character most like me: Axel Foley
If I set myself for the Olympics my sport would be: 100m sprint
Favourite toy: My bed and TV remote
Favourite Spice Girl: Old Spice
Person in the world I'd most like to crash tackle: Saddam Hussein
2 players I'd like to help me do it: Solomon Haumono & Jason Hetherington
Best sporting event attended: NFL playoff, Washington v San Francisco
My favourite way to spend a day off is: Relaxing
The household chore I do most is: tidying up
The last person I asked for an autograph was: Stephen Waugh (champion!)
The person who makes me laugh most is: Eddie Murphy or my father
If I made a movie with a cartoon character it'd be: Fat Albert
The thing I waste most money on is: unnecessary items
If I could have a product named after me I'd like it to be: women's 'G' string
If I could have lessons in anything I'd choose: swimming or making love
The computer game I play best is: Galaga
The last website I looked at was: "R" rated
My favourite golfer is: Jack Nicklaus
My favourite cricketer is: Stephen Waugh
My favourite basketballer is: Michael Jordan
Dog? no
Rod Silva - 1996 Action Shot
Photo from Canterbury Bulldogs Supporters' Site
Rod Silva - 1997 Portrait
Photo from the Bulldogs Backyard
Rod Silva - 1998 Portrait
Photo from the Bulldogs Backyard
Rod Silva - 1998 Action Shot
Photo courtesy of Big League
Rod Silva - 1998 Action Shot
Photography Action Photographics
Rod Silva - 1999 Action Shot
Photography Chris Kapetanellis
Rod Silva 2000 Portrait
Photo from the Bulldogs Backyard

Dog data (1994 stats with Eastern Suburbs Roosters)
App. Int. Tries Goals Fld Goals Points Ave. Hit Ups Ave. Tackles Ave. Metres Eff. Tackles Line Breaks Offloads
2000 18 0 2 0 0 8 12.28 4.33 96 75.73% 8 12
1999 26 0 18 0 0 72
1998 13 0 11 0 0 44
1997 14 0 7 0 0 28
1996 12 0 9 0 0 36
1995 15 1 8 0 0 32
1994 21 1 13 - - 52

Photos & Text from the Official Bulldogs website

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